1. The Waltz Bit

From the recording It All Tastes The Same

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The Waltz Bit

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We swear
It wasn’t me
You’ve got the wrong man
Couldn’t spell L-I-E
Surely we’ll pay sometime
Consequence for the action
Why should I stop
With everything that’s happenin’?

Little nymphets
Salting your wound
Much too soon
Drinking them down
Here and now
The sticks and the leaves
Caught in your teeth
Gnashing in my ears
Grinding and smashing
Like so many gears

For now
Enjoy the show
He’s a double sided match
Drowning in oxygen and fat

Letting us go
Prints in the snow
Sat in a rut
Smoking a butt
I rang you today
Heard you say
“I’m losing my grip,”
And what if
There’s something
That I’ve missed
I want you to know this