1. Jane

From the recording It All Tastes The Same

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Where’d you get that name?
Did you find it
At the bottom
Of your daddy’s highball glass?

Just a little rain
Well it broke your face
Which came off in strips
Falling round your legs

If it’s all the same
I’d like to be your Jim
And maybe after a while
I’d taste like him

Whoa, shame
Just a tool that I use to lose ya
Please explain
Why you wanna dance on broken glass now

If you want to, stay
This place is getting crowded
I’ll let you think about it
I’m on my way

But wait
We didn’t get to play
My very favorite game
Where I try to read your mind
You say, “Lover, it’s fine”

And Jane
Although your skin’s turned grey
You can keep as little warmer
Underneath your special boulder
In my private lake

Whoa, shame
Just a tool that I use to lose ya
This pain
Is for the living, you can finally rest now